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This is a feature on the Item Registry platform that allows people to report their items stolen or missing from the comfort of their homes. Items can be reported to the public and or directly to the Local Police for countries supported.

The Report My Loss Service is supported in Nigeria through a partnership between Primly Premium Solutions and the Nigeria Police Force.


Users can change the status of registered items to Stolen / Missing. This serves as an avenue to notify the public that the item is no longer in your possession.

Once status is changed to Stolen / Missing, a search for the Unique Identification Number on Item Registry will list item as Stolen, discouraging Secondhand Buyers and resale.


When we lose or have an item stolen, our first point of contact is our Local Police. They receive complaints about stolen or lost items and are tasked with tracking as well as the recovery of these items.

For this reason, iTem Registry is currently working with the police and law enforcement agencies in several countries. This partnership gives them access to a Lost Items Database facilitating the recovery of Lost / Missing items:

  1. When Lost items are recovered, with Item Registry the police can easily identify the owners and return accordingly.

  2. When you lose an item, our online Portal allows you easily report your loss directly to the Police from the comfort of your home.

  3. Once reported, the Lost / Missing item can be viewed by the Police & Public increasing the chances of being found whilst also reducing the chances of the item been sold.

Steps to Report your Item Stolen / Missing

Step 1:
Create An Account on Item Registry
(Click here for steps on how to create an account)

If Stolen / Missing Item has a unique identification number, you need to first Register the item on Item Registry:

Phone: IMEI Number

Electronics: Serial Number

Vehicles: Chassis / VIN Number

Documents: Document Number

Click here for steps on how to register item on Item Registry.

If Stolen / Missing Item has a no unique identification number: Car Keys, Hand Bags, etc. Go to Step 3

Step 2: 
Log in & Click My iTems on dashboard

Identify the registered item you intend to Report Lost / Stolen and Click Report Loss
You will be directed to a Report My Loss Form, fill form & proceed to make payment.

Step 3: 
For Items with no Unique Identification Number click Report Loss on dashboard.

Step 4:
Check the Report My Loss Feature support in your Country

If Report My Loss is supported in the region selected, you will be redirected to the Report My Loss Form Page

Fill the form with information about your Loss
Kindly note that the fields with �*� are compulsory
After filling the form proceed to make payment.