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Transfer Ownership

This a feature on the iTem Registry platform that allows you transfer the ownership of an item to another individual.

This is useful for both Individuals & Businesses:

  1. Individuals: When you are giving your Phone, Car, or other valuable item with a unique identification number to a family member / friend or selling to an outsider, it is important you officially document the transfer using this feature.

    - It serves as a digital signature, evidence that the item no longer belongs to you, protecting you from the Risk Of Ownership.Example: Mr. A sells his personal phone to Mr. B without officially documenting the transfer using Item Registry.

    Mr. B uses the phone to commit a crime. Phone is obtained by the police and traced to the Innocent Owner Mr. A. Liability falls on Mr. A because there is no evidence to show item ownership was transferred to a new owner.

  2. Businesses: For Secondhand Outlets, using this feature creates trust between you and your customers.

    It gives your customers confidence in your products as using the Item Registry Platform you are publicly declaring yourself as the owner of the item and entering a digital contract of sale (Ownership Transfer).

Steps to Transfer Ownership

Step 1: Create an Account on Item Registry

If you already have an account and the item is registered on Item Registry skip to step 4.

  1. Go to

  2. Fill the Quick Sign Up Form & Click Register

We automatically send a verification email to the email address provided above. Please check your email (Inbox & Spam Folder) and click the Verification link.

Step 2: Log in to your Item Registry Account

Step 3: Register your Item on Item Registry (Click here for details on how to register your items)

Step 4: Click My iTems on dashboard 

Identify the registered item you intend to transfer ownership and Click on Transfer Ownership.

You will be redirected to a page titled Transfer Ownership.

Step 5: Fill the form entering New Owner�s details. 
Kindly note that the fields with �*� are compulsory. 
Once filled, click Transfer Ownership

Step 6: A Transfer Ownership request email is sent to the email address provided.

Please note that for a transfer to be completed, the New Owner must accept the transfer request.