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What is iTEM Registry?

iTEM Registry is a web-based platform that allows you register your valuable items (Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Cars, etc.) using their Unique Identification Number.

It links you with your valuable items using their unique identification number, enabling you declare ownership for your items & generate a Certificate / Proof Of Ownership.

What is my Item Unique Identification Number?

This is a unique code assigned to an iTEM to uniquely distinguish it from other iTEMs.

  • IMEI : Every Mobile Phone has an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number that is unique to it. This is a 15-digit code that uniquely identifies a specific mobile phone.
  • Chassis / VIN Number: All Vehicles have a Chassis Number, also called a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This is the primary number used in identifying your car and is made up of 17 characters (Numbers / Letters).
  • Serial Number: This is a unique number assigned to every iTEM by the manufacturers for identification purposes.

Why should I register my iTEM?

a)  Ownership: By registering your valuable items you are publicly declaring ownership. A Proof Of Ownership Certificate is automatically generated which links your iTEM�s Unique Identification Number to you as the owner.

b)  Safeguard iTEM: When your iTEM is Stolen / Missing, you can change iTEM Status to Stolen and can report directly to your Local Police using the Report My Loss Feature.

iTEM Registry�s Check iTEM Feature is used by people looking to buy second hand / used phones and gadgets. When users search for your iTEM�s Unique identification Number, it will list iTEM as stolen discouraging secondhand buyers and resale.

c)   Identification: When your Lost iTEM is recovered, Local Police Authorities can identify you as the owner using Contact information supplied during iTEM registration on the iTEM Registry Platform.

What iTEMs can I register?

Item Registry allows you register iTEMs with a Unique Identification Number:

  • Register your Phones using the IMEI Number
  • Register your Cars using the Chassis / VIN Number
  • Register your Laptops , Tablets & other Electronic & Electrical Devices using the Serial Number
  • Register Valuable Documents: Passport, Certificates, Certificate of Occupancy, etc.

How can I register my iTEMs?

Register iTEMs in 3 easy steps:

-           Step 1: Open an Account with Item Registry (www.itemregistry.com.ng)

-          Step 2: Log In, Click Bundle Plan & Purchase a Coupon / Bundle Plan

-          Step 3: Select your iTEM Category & Register your iTEM

Do I have to pay to register iTEMs on ITEM Registry?

Item Registry offer various bundle plans depending on the number of iTEMs being registered or reported Stolen. Registering a single iTEM or Reporting an iTEM Stolen/Missing cost N380.

Do you have over 20 iTEMs to register? Contact Us for our Corporate Plans which allows you register all iTEMs owned by your Company.

How safe is my personal information on the ITEM registry?

Privacy is very important to us.

We employ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption when data is transmitted over the Internet to our web site. For additional information about how Item Registry manages data, please visit our privacy policy page.

What is the Report My Loss Feature?

This is a feature on the IR platform that allows people to report their stolen / missing item directly to their local police from the comfort of their homes.

How do I report an item Stolen / Missing?

You can report an item stolen or missing if the Report My Loss feature is supported in your country.

  • Create an Account on Item Registry
  • If Stolen / Missing Item is not registered on Item Registry and has unique identification number like Phones, Cars, etc., you need to register the item first. After registration you can report Registered item to the local police
  • If Stolen / Missing Item is not registered on Item Registry and has no unique identification number like handbags, car keys, etc. then you can proceed to report without Item Registration.

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How do I know my complaints has been received or is registered with the police?

For countries with the Report My Loss Feature support, once an iTEM is reported Stolen / Lost, a Report Loss Certificate is automatically generated.

Our working Synergy with the Local Police enables them view and have access to Reported Cases in real time.

Can I transfer Item Ownership?

Item Registry has a Transfer Ownership feature that enables you transfer the ownership of an item to a new owner.

This is useful for both Individuals & Businesses:


  • When you are giving your Phone, Car, or other valuable item with a unique identification number to a family member / friend or selling to an outsider, it is important you officially document the transfer using this feature.
  • It serves as a digital signature, evidence that the item no longer belongs to you, protecting you from the Risk Of Ownership.

Mr. A sells his personal phone to Mr. B without officially documenting the transfer using Item Registry.

Mr. B uses the phone to commit a crime. Phone is obtained by the police and traced to the Innocent Owner Mr. A. Liability falls on Mr. A because there is no evidence to show item ownership was transferred to a new owner.

  • Businesses: For Secondhand Outlets, using this feature creates trust between you and your customers.

It gives your customers confidence in your products as using the Item Registry Platform you are publicly declaring yourself as the owner of the item and entering a digital contract of sale (Ownership Transfer).