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iTem Registry Ltd. is a UK registered company set up to provide technological Solutions to Individuals and Corporate bodies.

Our foremost Product - iTem Registry, is a platform setup to reduce Item theft by combating the sale of stolen items.


The iTem Registry Platform provides a unified database where people & businesses from all around the world can register items with unique identification numbers (Mobile Phones, Laptops, Cars, etc.) or vital documents like Passports, Certificate of Occupancy and Credentials. 

  • Phones: IMEI Number
  • Vehicles: Chassis Number
  • Electronics: Serial Number
  • Documents: Document Number

From Individuals to Private & Public Organisations, iTem Registry enables you claim ownership for your valuable belongings or company assets. Our aim is to reduce Item theft by keeping accurate records of iTem ownership.


Built into iTem Registry is the Report My Loss feature, which enables you easily notify the Police & Public when registered items are stolen / missing. 

How iTEM Registry Works

The process is simple:
  • Search for iTem Ownership Status
  • Register iTem to claim Ownership
  • Option to Transfer Item Ownership
  • Report Lost iTems & generate a Certificate of Loss
Being a global service, iTem Registry also offers a Solution to the rising occurrence of theft and movement of stolen items across countries. 

Syndicates that transport stolen Phones, Laptops, Cars etc. from one country to another would struggle as our database can be accessed globally. 

We have and are establishing more partnerships with Police in several countries linking all to a centralized information system. 


Our goal at iTem Registry is to provide individuals and businesses with information that could protect them from buying stolen Items, protect vendors from the consequences of dealing in stolen Items, and assist local police in finding and recovering lost items.

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